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In Celebration of Simplicity The joy of living lightly Penelope Wilcock

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18th September 2009
160 pages: 175mm x 165mm
Monarch Books
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Our spiritual growth has been stifled by our long obsession with consumption and possessions. This practical yet visionary book offers a model for a truly healthy life based on gospel simplicity. Ditch the stuff that gets in the way, and your heart is free to respond to God. 'What is in these pages works,' Pen says. 'It's the medicine for today, it transforms life. It's the part of the Bible that shouts off every page but is silenced before it ever gets to church.' Christian simplicity affects our management of time, money, possessions, speech, what we do, eat and hear, our relationships, resources, homes, transport, the way we dress. It requires discipline. 'But as we journey, a wonderful sense of freedom permeates our lives; the light heart that is necessary to walk gracefully in Christ's way.'
Pen Wilcock is the author of The Hawk and the Dove series and many other books such as In Celebration of Simplicity and 100 Stand-Alone Bible Studies. She has many years of experience as a Methodist minister and has worked as a hospice and school chaplain. She has five adult daughters and lives in Hastings, East Sussex. She writes a successful blog: Kindred of the Quiet Way.

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