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Grandmother Inspiration for grandmothers everywhere Marion Stroud, Rebecca Gibbon

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21st March 2003
48 pages: 160mm x 150mm
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A new title from established author Marion Stroud on the joys and challenges of being a grandparent. The text is a unique combination of practical tips, verse and prayers, arranged under a variety of headings including: Moments of Reflection, Wise Words, Child's Eye View, A Different Dimension, The Way They See It, Grandma to Grandma and Dear Gran, It's Me This book will be a thoughtful and inspiring gift for grandmothers of all ages. 'To be a grandmother is both an incredible joy and an enormous challenge. There is no foolproof recipe for success, in this as in any other relationship. We emerge from the melting pot of our previous experience of family life - and have to start all over again in a situation where all the boundaries and expectations seem to have been changed and there are no rule books.' - Marion Stroud, in the introduction to the book
Marion Stroud lives in Bedford, England. She is an established and popular author and sought-after speaker whose books have been translated into 14 languages.|

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