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Goodnight God Bless Sophie Piper, Gareth Llewhellin

17th October 2014
48 pages: 170mm x 138mm
Lion Children's Books
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Blessings and reassuring prayers feature in this small format book to share with a little child as they are going to sleep. There are plenty of cute soft toys to look at throughout the book and help children empathise with the sentiment of the prayers, and dreamy landscapes perfect for bedtime. The cover is padded and features foil stars to make it an extra special gift.
Day is done 8 An evening prayer 10 God bless the night-time creatures 12 The darkness comes 14 Now the light is fading 16 Shadows in the hallway 18 God bless all those that I love 20 God in heaven, hear my prayer 20 The storm may roar 22 The lightning and thunder 22 I see the moon 24 Now I lay me down to sleep 26 Hands together, close your eyes 26 Clouds in the sky above 28 Lord, keep us safe this night 28 May I lie down and sleep in peace 30 Deep of moon and deep of stars 30 Deep peace of the running waves to you 32 May I sleep in quietness 35 Thank you, God in heaven 36 Who made the sun? 38 Baby creatures, just awakened 40 This simply lovely day 42 Red is for the dawn sky 44 For blessings here 46
Sophie Piper is the pseudonym of an in-house author.|

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