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God's Story (Illustrated Hardback) The Bible Explained Matt Searles

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19th February 2021
168 pages: 240mm x 195mm

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This deeply researched and vibrantly illustrated overview of the Bible clearly sets out the grand narrative of scripture.

By linking each of its many parts back to the whole, it moves beyond simply retelling biblical stories to help us to see how the Bible remains vitally relevant to our daily lives. Giving historical context and theological insight, this book functions as both an accessible introduction for new readers of the Bible and an effective guide for those looking to grow their understanding of God’s word.

Introduction 5
1. The Bible: God Speaks 6
2. In the Beginning: God Created the World 8
3. Humanity: The Crown of Creation 11
4. A Royal Task: Fill and Subdue the Earth 14
5. The Fall: Sin Entered the World 17
6. Cast Out: Judgment and Salvation 19
7. The Flood: God’s Covenant with Noah 21
8. Abraham: God’s Gospel Promise 23
9. Covenant with Abraham: “I Will Be Your God” 25
10. Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph: Relentless Grace 28
11. Slaves in Egypt: Moses and Pharaoh 31
12. The Exodus: God Redeemed His People 34
13. Mount Sinai: The Law and the Covenant 37
14. The Tabernacle: God Dwells Among Us 40
15. Leviticus: Holiness, Priests, and Sacrifice 42
16. Numbers: Wilderness Wanderings 45
17. Deuteronomy: “Choose Life!” 48
18. Joshua: Entering the Promised Land 51
19. Judges: The Misery of Life with No King 54
20. Samuel: The Gift of Kingship 57
21. David: The Persecuted Messiah 60
22. Psalms: Prayers for All Seasons 63
23. Solomon: Prince of Peace 66
24. Wisdom Literature 1: The Order of Eden 69
25. Wisdom Literature 2: The Disorder of the Fall 72
26. The Kingdom Splits: God’s Judgment Falls 75
27. Elijah and Elisha: God’s Patience 78
28. The Exile: The Death of the Nation 80

29. The Prophets: God’s Mouthpieces 83
30. Isaiah: Prophecy of a New Heavens and Earth 85
31. Jeremiah: Prophecy of a New Covenant 87
32. Ezekiel: Prophecy of a New Temple 90
33. Daniel and Esther: Living as Exiles 93
34. Ezra and Nehemiah: The Return from Exile 96
35. Minor Prophets: Darkness Before the Dawn 99
36. Jesus: Who is This Man? 102
37. Four Gospels: Portraits of Jesus 105
38. Jesus’ Birth: Heaven Embraced Earth 108
39. Jesus’ Early Ministry: The Coming of the Lord 111
40. Jesus’ Teaching: Gospel and Kingdom 114
41. Jesus’ Miracles: Signs of a Restored World 117
42. Disciples and Opponents: Jesus’ Identity 120
43. Jesus’ Final Days: Ministry in Jerusalem 122
44. The Last Supper: Preparing for the End 125
45. The Cross: The Centre of the Bible’s Story 128
46. The Resurrection: New Creation Begun 131
47. Pentecost: God Sends His Spirit 134
48. Acts: Jesus’ Mission Continues 137
49. Paul: Witness of the Resurrected Christ 139
50. Paul’s Theology: Justification by Faith 142
51. Paul’s Theology: Union with Christ 145
52. Christian Living in the Last Days: Tension 148
53. The Church: God’s Plan for the World 151
54. Father, Son, and Spirit: The Trinity 154
55. The Return of Christ: The Day of Justice 157
56. The End of All Things: The New Creation 160
Notes 163
Glossary 164
Picture credits 167

Matt Searles studied philosophy and French literature at Oxford University, before moving to teach French in London at King's College School. He is currently Director of Training for the South Central Gospel Partnership, primarily overseeing and teaching courses in Bible knowledge and handling, which draw people from over thirty churches each week. His passion is to communicate the deep truths of the faith in a clear and accessible way to normal Christians of all backgrounds.

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