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God and Noah Save the World Steve Eggleton

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21st January 2022
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96 pages:
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Growing up on his father’s farm, young Noah loves and cares for the animals, little knowing that one day when he was much older, God would choose him to save his family and animals of every kind from a catastrophic flood. Noah, along with his family, with faithfulness and determination take on God’s plan – an ambitious project to build an ark, gather the animals, and prepare for the challenge of surviving the flood. As the first drops of rain fall, the trusting family crew and animal passengers settle into life on board. 

How will their days pass with the monotony of the incessant rain, and then the long, long wait as the waters recede? This is an epic story of great trust, supportive teamwork, and uplifting faithfulness.

Steve Eggleton studied art and design at Portsmouth, and is now a well-known sculptor. He has worked as an artist and as a teacher while restoring the Tudor farmhouse he lives in, but he has become best known for his relief sculpture, which is strongly influenced by his love of medieval carving (his sculptures and carved signs can be seen across East Anglia). Steve has published numerous articles on sculpture and wood-carving, and contributed to a number of books on the subject.

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