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God, Actually Why God probably exists and why Jesus was probably divine Roy Williams

19th June 2009
384 pages: 234mm x 156mm
Monarch Books
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Why should we believe in God? It is a question that is profoundly engaging the minds of the world. Former lawyer, Roy Williams, contends that belief should be based on logical deductions from known facts: it is not a matter of blind faith. Using many examples drawn from science, politics, history, sociology and the arts, he tackles all the biggest questions by appealing to evidence and to reason. A recurring theme of the book is the vital place of doubt and uncertainty in God's creation. Rebutting the arguments of atheists such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, Williams explores the role of faith, which he considers a much-misunderstood concept.
Part One: Reasons to Believe in God Part Two: Reasons to Believe in Christianity Part Three: Answers to Some Common Objections

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