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Fresh from the Word 2018 The Bible for a change Nathan Eddy

22nd September 2017
Digital (delivered electronically)
384 pages:
Monarch Books
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ow can we balance work and life in the 24-7 world in which we live? What does the Bible have to say about leadership? And can we learn from this ancient book about communicating in the 21st century? These are just a few of the themes in Fresh from the Word this year - alongside looking at a community of care, remembering with God, and the Creative Spirit. We journey through Holy Week with the Psalms and with the Gospel of John in Advent. Continuous readings from the Bible include weeks on Proverbs, Hosea, Colossians, Hebrews and the Gospel of Mark. Fresh From the Word: the Bible for a change will inspire your reading of the Bible in a changing world. Bringing together theologians, scholars, creative writers, church leaders and activists from around the world, Fresh From the Word offers a set of notes, prayers and suggestions for further thought for every day of the year.

Nathan is editor of Fresh from the Word and has served as a minister in the United Reformed Church in Lowestoft, UK, and a university chaplain in Manchester. He has visited monasteries in Ghana, Israel, Egypt, India, China and Japan and is now busy raising two daughters and eight chickens with his wife Clare in London. He is an enthusiastic student of Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible, a very amateur actor, and he is fascinated by what the Bible can mean today.

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