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Encyclopedia of New Religions New religious movements, sects and alternative spiritualities Christopher Partridge

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20th February 2004
448 pages: 222mm x 159mm x 38mm

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This book gives readers a comprehensive map of the significant religious and spiritual groups functioning in today's world, especially in the West. It is written by specialists but with the non-specialist in mind. The Encyclopedia of New Religions offers an authoritative and lavishly illustrated guide to more than two hundred of these extremely varied groups and movements. The new religions, sects and alternative spiritualities are categorized according to the religious traditions from which they spring. Included are well established groups like the Mormons and the Hutterites, and more recent movements like the Santeria, the Unification Church and ISKCON (the 'Hare Krishnas'). In addition to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Indian Religions and the Religions of East Asia, sections are devoted to movements and groups inspired by Indigenous and Pagan traditions, and by Western Esoteric and New Age traditions. Especially fascinating is the discussion of the religious offspring of Modern Western Culture, including Scientology, UFO-based groups and even the worship of celebrities like Elvis and Princess Diana. Each section begins with an overview of the parent religion, before the new religions, sects and alternative spiritualities are described in chronological order. There are also a number of feature articles throughout the book which highlight broad topics such as New Religions in China as well as intriguing subjects such as Cargo Cults, Martial Arts, Astrology and Feng Shui. The Encyclopedia of New Religions is a fascinating and colourful guide to the bewildering array of religious and spiritual options open to the modern seeker.
New Religions, Sects and Alternative Spiritualities with Roots in... Christianity Judaism Islam Zoroastrianism Indian Religions The Religions of East Asia Indigenous and Pagan Traditions Western Esoteric and New Age Traditions Modern Western Cultures
Christopher Partridge is Professor of Contemporary Religion at University College Chester.

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