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Emotional Processing Healing through Feeling Roger Baker

12th September 2012
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176 pages:

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Roger Baker's ground-breaking book, based on the research of his medical team, presents a new way of understanding emotions and new insights into handling emotional pressures, and is illustrated throughout with examples from patients in psychological therapy and from everyday life. The book is divided into 4 parts: 1) The Secret Life of Emotions: introduces the theme of the book and shows how emotional and rational lives are equally valid, 2) Dissolving Distress: looks at our second immune system, emotional processing, which helps us to absorb and break-down emotional hurts and strains, 3) Healing through Feeling: the expression of emotions for good health and well-being, 4) How to Sabotage Emotional Processing: a manual of bad practice.
DR ROGER BAKER is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Bournemouth University. He has worked in a dual role as researcher and clinical psychologist at Leeds, Aberdeen, and Bournemouth Universities and in NHS Trusts specialising in Mental Health. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Understanding Panic Attacks and Understanding Trauma.

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