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Does the Bible Really Say That? Challenging our assumptions in the light of Scripture Mark Woods

19th August 2016
160 pages: 198mm x 130mm
Monarch Books
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Does God have a specific plan for your life? Does God want to heal us all? This book started as one article, looking at whether God has a plan for our lives. But then the idea grew and the author wondered whether there were other things that deserve a hard look. 'What about forgiveness, evangelism, and spiritual growth? What about Genesis? Are we missing some of the richness and depth of our faith because we don't like to ask the questions we ought to ask? Are there different ways of thinking about old truths that might challenge and inspire us? Are there, even, old truths that turn out not to be true after all?' In this biblically faithful book, Mark Woods takes a forensic look at some favourite evangelical assumptions and asks whether they are built on strong Scriptural foundations. Is the truth deeper, more radical and more dangerous?
Mark Woods served as a Baptist pastor, before moving on to journalism. A former editor of the Baptist Times and the Methodist Recorder, Mark currently works as Managing Editor of Christian Today.

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