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Crackle and Pop Bible Science Experiments Hanna Holwerda

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22nd January 2021
160 pages: 210mm x 170mm
Lion Children's Books
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Create an explosion after reading a Bible story! Discover a fun, practical way to encourage children to engage with the Bible and the good news of Jesus with more than 100 lively science and technology activities. For each experiment there are clear explanations, questions to think about, extra information as well as details of the related stories from the Bible to make memorable connections. The experiments are suitable to do at home, at school, at a party, or in a church group. Useful tips help to make the activities easy and safe to set up with everyday materials and equipment.

Hanna Holwerda encourages children to combine nature and science with nurturing belief and faith. She has her own Educational Agency Starship, which aims to help people talk about God in a natural, informal way and share their personal faith with children in a way that enables children to take the lead. The Educational Agency Starship emphasizes the importance of participating in activities together, and provides material for children's workers and families. She is the Editor in Chief of Child on Monday, a religious teaching method for primary education. She wants to allow children, together with adults, to discover Bible stories and apply their lessons to the world of today. She worked for many years at the Biblical Museum in Amsterdam as an educational employee, project leader and member of the policy team.

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