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Cherishing the Earth How to care for God's creation Margot R. Hodson, Martin J. Hodson

22nd February 2008
256 pages: 198mm x 130mm
Monarch Books
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Ecological problems - drought, global warming, pollution, resources - are headline news. Green movements tend to stress pessimistic outcomes. Anxiety is reasonable, but the Christian response should draw upon the concern of God for his creation. Christians are starting to contribute to the debate, and have a vital specific insight: the Christian message of hope. The Hodsons show how Christians can make a contribution to community life and take the lead in raising awareness, developing recycling, reducing waste and energy use, and encouraging local church-based environmental initiatives.
The Rev. Margot Hodson is Vicar of Haddenham, Bucks, and author of 'Cherishing the Earth' and 'A Feast of Seasons' (Monarch).|Principal Lecturer in Environmental Biology at Oxford Brookes University. He has over 50 research publications and a worldwide reputation in his field. His current research looks at the effect of acid rain on coniferous trees.

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