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Boundless Living life in overflow Danielle Strickland, Stephen Court

22nd March 2013
96 pages: 198mm x 130mm x 9mm
Monarch Books
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- What if there were ways to live that filled you, rather than depleting you? - What if there were an ocean of joy, freedom and wholeness within reach? - What if you could tap into an inexhaustible resource of power and love? - What would your life loo
C o n t e n t s Acknowledgments 9 1 A Tattoo, Salvation, and a Song 11 2 Glasses Half Empty, Half Full, and Overflowing 16 3 Deep Ocean of Love 21 4 Stains are So Deep 27 5 Deliverance I See 34 6 Joyless and Useless 42 7 Ocean of Mercy 50 8 Plunge 'Neath the Waters 59 9 Boundless Salvation 68 10 Overflow 75 11 Boundless Overflow 79 Questions You May Have 85 Author Resources 89 Notes 91
Danielle Strickland is a Major in The Salvation Army. Outspoken and vivid, she is widely appreciated as a speaker. She and her husband have two young children.|Stephen Court is a Major in The Salvation Army in Canada, married to Danielle Strickland, and author of many books.

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