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Bottled Up How to survive living with a problem drinker John McMahon, Lou Lewis

22nd October 2010
192 pages: 198mm x 130mm

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'Hazardous drinking' in the UK is widespread: 1 in 4 according to a recent government survey. More severe 'alcohol dependence' affects nearly 6% of the UK population - that's 1.8 million people. But for each alcoholic there is usually a family - estimates suggest that at least 3 people per alcohol abuser suffer on this account. The loved ones of alcohol abusers are a neglected group, and this book is aimed at equipping them to care for themselves so that they can survive the difficulty before them. Written by a husband-and-wife team of an alcohol abuse expert and former alcoholic (John) and a former carer for an alcoholic (Lou), this helpful book is not only academically sound but also written with an empathy that flows from experience.
Dr John McMahon was until recently senior lecturer at the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Studies at the University of Paisley. He is the author of several scholarly articles and the founder of 24/7 Help Yourself, a website dedicated to helping people overcome alcohol dependence.|Lou Lewis was married to an alcoholic for 29 years till his death from cancer. During that time she ran a home and raised two children with very few people, including quite close friends, being aware of the situation. Lou is a classically trained musician, a graduate of the Royal College of Music. For many years she was a singer / songwriter, made seven albums and toured the UK, USA and South Africa giving concerts and workshops. Currently Lou has her own flourishing counselling practice where she sees clients with a variety of issues, including relationship problems. Lou is married to John McMahon. Lou and John have co-written Bottled Up: How to Survive Living with a Problem Drinker

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