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Blowing Your Cover Christianity: living it, sharing it (double DVD) Kevin Higham, Mike Sprenger

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19 Jan 2007
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Monarch Books
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Blowing Your Cover is a six-part training course in lifestyle evangelism that will release you to share your faith confidently and effectively with your family, colleagues and friends. Blowing Your Cover is not a technique, or a programme, but a way of life. It enables you to discover your own personal style of evangelism. Blowing Your Cover complements other major courses such as Alpha, Christianity Explored and Freedom in Christ. The Media Pack double DVD contains: *Dynamic and imaginative opening and closing sessions along with intermittent in-session 'mood enhancers'. *All necessary slides for each session. *Additional teaching on Prayer from Carl Brettle, Prayer in Action Slides do not require PowerPoint and can be used with any regular TV/DVD/Laptop/Projector.
Kevin Higham is|Mike Sprenger spent many years with Campus Crusade before joining Terry Virgo on the staff of the Church of Christ the King in Brighton, UK. He is now based at Gateway Church, Leeds

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