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Animal Crazy Meg Harper, Jan McCafferty

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20 Aug 2004
80 pages: 130 x 198 x 7mm
Saint Jenni
Lion Children's Books
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Jenni wants a pet. She also wants to be a saint. So where better to start than by imitating St Francis, patron saint of animals? But all does not go as planned for the ‘trainee saint’. She causes chaos in the park, at the zoo and at home. Even the vicar declines her offer of a family of homeless ‘church’ mice, but he does help some of her dreams to come true. These entertaining stories have underlying themes of family values and encourage positive behaviour and relationships. In the following two books in the series, Jenni has similiar mishaps while trying to imitate other saints renowned for daring deeds and ‘good works’ – both with hilarious results.
MEG HARPER, author of the My Mum series (now in their second edition), No More School and Cyberpest. As well as writing fiction Margaret is studying to teach drama.

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