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A Treasury of Prayers for now and always Mary Joslin, Kate Forrester

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15th February 2013
224 pages: 160mm x 103mm x 19mm

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A treasury of over 200 prayers including traditional, classic, childhood favourites and new classics. An accessible collection of prayers from a wide variety of sources to provide comfort and inspiration. This book makes a perfect gift for children and adults alike to treasure; beautifully presented, with linen binding, dust jacket and ribbon marker, it reflects the enduring nature of the content.
About Prayer 13 Ask, and you will receive 15 Prayer at sunrise 16 Still and quietly 16 So still 17 The light of eternity 17 A life of prayer 18 Faith 19 I hear God speaking 19 Hope in eternity 20 Mysterious grace 20 Infinite beauty 21 Heaven's music 22 In God's blue heaven 22 God's grandeur 23 Help my thoughts 24 Praising God 25 Praise the Lord 27 God's greatness 28 All things praise the Lord 29 Praising with a gladsome mind 30 Praise and glory 30 Sing a song 31 Songs and dances 31 Let the whole world 32 Praise, honour, and glory 33 Praise for salvation 34 Mary's song of praise 35 You are my God 36 Glory to God 38 Great is the One 39 A life of praise 40 With all my strength 41 The God of all 42 Forgiven and Forgiving 43 Making amends 45 Confession 46 The Jesus Prayer 46 Take my wrongdoing 47 Set me free 48 A new beginning 49 Prayer for kindness 50 A reason to forgive 51 Learning to forgive 51 Prayer for courage 52 Forgiving those of ill will 53 Always forgiving 54 Thanksgiving 55 For God's love and care 57 For all I am 58 The Lord is good to me 59 For my family 60 For my home 60 The corners of this house 61 For those who help us 62 For those who work 62 For those I take for granted 63 Table graces 64 All kinds of things 66 Everyday blessings 67 The bicycle 68 Unlikely blessings 69 Great thanks 70 Now and evermore 70 Wonders of Creation 71 Why are we here? 73 The glory of creation 74 An island retreat 75 Some great goodness 76 This simply lovely day 77 Diverse majesty 78 Bright and beautiful 79 For wild things 80 A woodland cathedral 81 Woodland prayers 81 God made us all 82 Little creatures 82 The Creator's love and care 83 Domestic animals 84 For my cat 85 A prayer for little tiny things 85 Seasons 86 Springtime praises 87 A summer prayer 88 Pied beauty 89 When winter comes 90 God of the years 91 Teach us to respect the world 92 Restore the patterns 93 Save the wild 94 A glimpse of the stars 95 The Maker's tune 96 Keep me a place in this old land 97 Earth made whole 98 For a Better World 99 Calm, courage, cheerfulness 101 We are all related 102 We share the earth 103 Points of view 104 Our fellow human beings 105 Tolerance 105 For minorities 106 The blessing of old and new 107 The man on the pavement 108 Stopping to help 109 A city pilgrim 109 Waiting for God's justice 110 For those condemned as wicked 110 For the casualties of war 111 Settle the quarrels 112 The olive tree 113 The Good Shepherd 114 For refugees 115 Send healing rain 116 Bless those who work the fields 117 Making friends 118 Gather us as one 118 Prayer for change 119 God's enduring love 120 Following the Way 121 The prayer Jesus taught 123 The Beatitudes 124 The way of the Lord 125 Open my eyes 126 In God's presence 127 Keeping the commandments 128 A safe pathway 130 Do not follow the wicked 130 Teach me 131 The narrow path 131 I am a pilgrim 131 Christ be with me 132 An angel to guide me 133 An angel to watch me 133 Committed to goodness 134 An instrument of your peace 136 Faith, hope, love 137 All my deeds 138 The best things 138 Doing good joyfully 139 Doing good in small things 139 Doing God's will 140 Day by day 141 The hill of the two winds 142 Give me strength and wisdom 143 God will take care of me 144 True riches 145 Live with less 145 Spirit of God 146 Growing in godliness 148 When Trouble Comes 149 As the rain hides the stars 151 All things work together 152 At peace 153 In our troubles 153 I will trust God always 154 I will not worry 155 My light and my salvation 155 Do not abandon me 156 Shelter and strength 157 The Lord is my shepherd 158 A dark room 160 Awake in the night 161 Healing sleep 162 Soul balm 162 Watch over us 163 Walking with Jesus 164 Make all things new 165 Remembering 165 Give wings to my soul 166 Make for me an ark 167 Walk with me 168 An end to sorrow 168 Shelter me 169 How can I keep from singing? 170 Just for today 171 Amen and Alleluia 172 Festivals of the Christian Year 173 All around the year 175 Celebrating the birth 176 Love from heaven 177 Celebrating Christmas 178 Christmas blessings for all 179 Peace on earth 180 Christmas gifts 181 Hunting for Christmas 182 Christmas all year long 183 Good Friday 184 Suffering and healing 185 Easter angels 186 Easter is about: 187 Rejoice at Easter 188 The Easter tree 189 Doubt and faith 190 Easter praises 191 A prayer for Ascension Day 192 A prayer for Pentecost 193 A harvest psalm 194 Abundant harvests 195 For the harvest of the wild 196 A prayer for Advent 197 Waiting for Christmas 198 At Close of Day 199 Safe this night 201 Now I lay me down to sleep 201 Evening (in words of one syllable) 202 Day is done 204 Today, tonight, and for ever 205 Send me sleep 206 All those that I love 207 Praise in the night 208 Keep us safe from harm 209 Good Lord deliver us 209 Grace, love, favour 210 Glory to thee, my God 211 Now the day is over 212 Day is done 213 In peaceful trust 214 Gaelic blessing 215 Bible blessing 216 Index of First Lines 218

Mary Joslin is married and has 3 grown up children. She began writing when her own children were still young and has since written books that have been published throughout the world. For Lion, these include: Our Father, The Tale of the Heaven Tree, Do the Angels Watch Close By?, The Merchant Enticed by the Pearl of Great Price and The Story of the Cross.


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