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A Journey into Christian Art Helen de Borchgrave

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24th August 2001
224 pages: 240mm x 195mm

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A Journey into Christian Art is a tour of Christian art through two millennia. We visit churches and museums and see how the fusion of Christianity and art has produced sublime paintings and sculptures in a rich variety of styles. We glimpse, through the work of artists of faith, reflections of the spiritual and cultural climate of their day. Some, such as Michelangelo, are among the greatest geniuses the world has ever seen; others are virually unknown. Yet whether experience persecution or spiritual revival, war or peace, political repression or freedom, they have all been inspired by the person and message of Christ and his church to make visible the invisible in mosaic, paint and stone; to enrich the mind, touch the heart, and feed the soul.
Contents Introduction 1. The Image of Christ 2. The Rebirth of Realism 3. The Humanization of Faith 4. The Flemish Altarpiece 5. Before the Body Was Broken 6. The Summit Unsurpassed 7. Inner Fervour 8. Two Sides of the Christian Coin 9. After the Age of Reason 10. Hidden Pearls Also includes: Museum and church listings, bibliography, list of illustrations and index.
Helen de Borchgrave is a fine art conservator and consultant. She trained at the Byam Shaw School of Art and with Professor Ruhemann of The National Gallery in London. As well as cleaning and restoring paintings for museums, churches and private collections, she leads art tours in Europe for various tour companies. She is a member of the Association of International Art Critics, and has contributed reviews and features to a wide range of publications.

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