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Understanding Panic Attacks and Overcoming Fear Roger Baker

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01 Aug 1995
144 pages: 130 x 198
Body and Soul

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What is a panic attack? What does it feel like? What causes attacks? Can they be cured? This highly authoritative yet practical book helps the reader towards an in-depth understanding of panic. In clear and concise language it describes a psychological self-help programme for panic sufferers. “A full recovery is possible,” explains Dr Baker. “It certainly is not easy, nor quick, but it definitely is possible.”
Contents Acknowledgements 1. Panic: The Life-Changing Event Part 1: The A to Z of Panic 2. Panic: When and Where 3. How Panic Changes People 4. What is a Panic Attack? Part II: Myths About Panic 5. What a Panic is Not! 6. Death and Physical Illness Myths 7. The Destroyed-By-Your-Own-Body Myths 8. Mental Myths Part III: Root Causes 9. Life Events 10. Coping Emotionally with Life Events 11. Why Do Panic Attacks Happen? Part IV: A Practical Therapy Programme for Panic 12. Attitude! 13. The Anatomy of Fear 14. Taking the Sting out of Fear 15. Ralph: An Example of Successful Therapy 16. Setting Up Your Own Personal Experiment Part V: The Panic Sufferer as Normal 17. Cures, Half-Cures, and Limitations 18. Let's Finish Off Panic 19. The Subject Matter Catches Up with the Author Notes Help for Panic Sufferers Index
DR ROGER BAKER is Professor of Clinical Psychology at Bournemouth University. He has worked in a dual role as researcher and clinical psychologist at Leeds, Aberdeen, and Bournemouth Universities and in NHS Trusts specialising in Mental Health. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Understanding Panic Attacks and Understanding Trauma.

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