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Commit or Quit The 'Two Year Rule' and other Principles for Finding Reliable Love Harry Benson

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18 Sep 2020
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128 pages:

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Commit or Quit looks at how commitment works and challenges the widespread presumption that early cohabitation is risk-free. We all know couples whose relationships drift on ambiguously, with one partner desperate for clarity and security and the other slow to step up. The problem is that the nature of cohabitation itself makes a clear commitment to marriage less likely - but also makes it harder to end an unpromising relationship and start afresh. Accepting that cohabitation is here to stay, Harry Benson lays out some simple but radical 'rules for romance' that will help couples find the reliable love they seek, by choosing well, by going slow, and by having a clear time limit - a 'two year rule' - that friends, family and society can use to encourage their loved ones to break free of drift or feeling trapped and instead to 'Commit or Quit'.

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