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Surviving and Thriving on the Single-Parent Journey Kathlene Seney-Williams

23rd August 2019
Digital (delivered electronically)
208 pages:

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This is a book that comes alongside the reader as a travel guide and walks through the journey via a step-by-step approach. Walking the Single Parent Journey offers the reader a chance for self-discovery, of coming to terms with the pains and effects of the past in order to boldly face the challenges that lie ahead. The book discusses the everyday struggles and issues that single parents face, whilst offering advice and tips on managing and dealing with them successfully. The author encourages the reader to create systems and put strategies in place to help make life easier, drawing on her own experiences.
Kat Seney-Williams is the Single Parent Support Coordinator at Care for the Family and a popular speaker on single-parent issues. She recently remarried after being a single parent for nearly nine years and lives with her husband in Wales. She is mother to two grown-up children and became a grandparent last year.

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