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Sabbath Rest Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest Wayne Muller

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23 Jun 2000
256 pages: 130 x 198

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The cry of the age is, ‘I’m so busy’. Constantly striving, we feel exhausted and deprived in the midst of great material abundance, having lost the essential balance between effort and rest. This best-selling author shows how to create an oasis of rest, delight and renewal in the midst of everyday life. Muller shows how the gift of Sabbath is available to anyone, regardless of our spiritual tradition, and even without the need to set aside a whole day each week. Sabbath time can be a sabbath afternoon, a sabbath hour, a sabbath walk. Sabbath time is time for nourishing the soul. Using wonderful stories, poems and easy-to-try exercises, Muller teaches us how we can use this time of sacred rest to refresh our bodies and minds, restore our creativity and regain our birthright of inner happiness. In Sabbath, he has given us a revolutionary tool for cultivating those necessary human qualities that grow only with time: wisdom, courage, honesty, generosity, healing and love. This wonderful book will help us to expand and reclaim the most precious time of our lives.
WAYNE MULLER is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, an ordained minister and a therapist - this book is dedicated to his friend and mentor Henri Nouwen. He is founder of a charity serving families in need and gives lectures and leads retreats throughout the USA.

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