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The Good, the Bad and the Moral Dilemma G. R. Evans

23rd November 2007
224 pages: 198mm x 130mm

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Explores how our day to day dilemmas may fit into the wider context of the big moral issues. Drawing on a range of thinkers from the past, the book explores the way such practical questions of behaviour have been approached in past centuries. This provides the modern reader with a framework of reference to get their bearings and begin to develop a personal response to the task of 'doing the right thing'. The book covers questions such as What is fairness?, Should I always tell the truth?, What are the moralities of war?, What are my ecological responsibilities to the planet? and Is the good bound to win in the end?
Contents Part 1 An Inner Life Chapter 1: Ways of Living Chapter 2: Ways of Behaving Chapter 3: Personal Responsibility Part II Self and Society Chapter 4: Other People Chapter 5: A Tangle of Ties Chapter 6: Self-sufficiency and Co-operation Part III Some Big Questions Chapter 7: Practical Moral Decisions Chapter 8: Attitudes and Expectations Part IV Two Great Underlying Issues Chapter 9: The Problem of Evil Chapter 10: Freedom of Choice
GR Evans lectures in history in the University of Cambridge. Her books include works on Anselm, Augustine, Gregory the Great and Bernard of Clairvaux.

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