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Standing on My Knees Establishing a lifeline of prayer Jeff Lucas

25th March 2013
Digital (delivered electronically)
272 pages:
Monarch Books
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myths that hinder our prayer life. Describing his book as an -alternative prayer manual-, Jeff offers a wealth of practical suggestions to help Christians of all ages and stages to develop a stronger one-on-one relationship with the Almighty. He is open about his own struggles in this area, and writes with clarity and compassion about an aspect of the life of faith that many of us find difficult. First published as How Not to Pray, this book is now revised and updated. Jeff says: -The core message is the same, but ten years on I am writing from a different part of the wood. I am not sure I am wiser, but I am certainly more experienced ' and continue to believe that if we get our prayer habits right, the rest of life is more likely to fall into place.
Introduction 9 1 Lord, teach us how to pray 12 2 We can pray 22 3 Prayer is not a lengthy speech 35 4 The power of shared prayer 48 5 The alphabet of prayer begins with F for Father 67 6 God is right here, right now 88 7 Prayer: it's not just about us 101 8 Prayer: it is about us 121 9 We, the forgiven, pass forgiveness around 136 10 Come to God, whatever the season 158
Jeff Lucas holds a teaching post at Timberline Church, Fort Collins. He is author of 18 books, and a highly popular speaker. He writes a monthly column for Christianity magazine and regular Bible notes for CWR.

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