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Stories from the Edge A practical resource for youth workers Dave Wiles

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21st May 2010
192 pages: 234mm x 172mm
Monarch Books
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Stories hold a group's attention like nothing else. These true stories are instructive, inspiring, arresting and shocking. They are distilled from those who have lived for years on the frontier of youth culture: some are drawn from Dave's own background (he spent years on probation for drug dealing, vandalism and burglary), or from his experience as a youth and community worker. Some come from other youth workers. The stories are highly arresting, detailing a dramatic incident in a young person's life, such as a 16-year-old on probation, who is on suicide watch; mediating between a rebellious youngster and his too-strict dad; a 21-year-old girl, with two children in care, who works the street to pay for the heroin her father deals. Each chapter follows a particular theme, such as 'Dads and Lads' or 'Youth Culture and Gangs'. Each chapter ends with points to think about and discuss.
Chapters comprise: 1. Offending Behaviour, Dads and Lads 2. Fights, Flights and Drugs 3. Conversion, Comfort and Risk 4. Youth Culture and Gangs 5. On the Road: Interpersonal Contemplation 6. Sins and Blunders, and Other Thoughts on Spirituality
Dave Wiles is Chief Executive and Team Leader for Frontier Youth Trust

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