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Delighting in the Trinity Tim Chester

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22 Apr 2005
192 pages: 130 x 198 x 14.5mm
Monarch Books
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Many of us find the doctrine of the Trinity - that God is three persons sharing one nature - difficult to get our heads round, and frankly a bit embarrassing. What is more, we seem to get by without it. But in reality the Trinity is at the heart of all we believe. The Trinity gives shape to Christian truth.
Dr Tim Chester is part of the Crowded House, a church planting initiative in Sheffield, UK. He is a lecturer at the Northern Cornhill Training Course and the author of a number of books including 'The Message of Prayer' (IVP), 'From Creation to New Creation: Understanding the Bible Story' (Paternoster), and 'Good News to the Poor' (IVP). He was previously Research and Policy Director for Tearfund UK. He and his wife Helen have two daughters.

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