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Pylon People 40 Days of Art and Meditations to Empower Your Spirit Cath Woolridge, Lois Seco

20th November 2020
128 pages: 190mm x 150mm

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“I found this book to be beautifully expressed in artwork as well as Scripture and if you are looking for someone to help take you on a journey of growth, this book will not disappoint.” Christy Wimber

 Sometimes, God likes to speak to us powerfully through very ordinary things. Hearing the Lord reach out to her via the humble electric pylon, Cath Woolridge was set on a path of creative meditation empowered by the Holy Spirit. Sharing her vision, in a work beautifully illustrated by Lois Seco, Cath invites us to imagine ourselves as “Pylon People” standing with our arms outstretched to receive and share the power of God’s Spirit.

This collection of poems, images and Bible reflections forms a unique devotional that directly addresses our powered-up days and powerless days, our seasons of sunshine and of rain. Come and join the Pylon Pilgrimage by connecting and moving forward in the next 40 days.

Introduction 7

How to Use this Book 8

Part One: Pylon People are Powered People
Day 1: An Invitation 10
Day 2: Orphans to Sons 14
Day 3: Change Your Mind 16
Day 4: Without Measure 19
Measure it with Calvary
Day 5: Jesus, the Son, 21
Revealing the Father
Day 6: Flying Free 24
Day 7: Known 27
Day 8: Earthed Pylons 30
Day 9: Pylon People are 33
Powered People
Day 10: Connection 36

Part Two: Pylon People are Praying People
Day 11: 24/7 Prayer 39
Day 12: Face Seeking, 42
Not Shadow Seeking
Day 13: Climb High 45
Day 14: Signpost Your Life 48
Day 15: Transfigured Prayer 51
Day 16: Taught and Caught 54
Day 17: Word Wielding 57
Day 18: Steely Perseverance 60
Day 19: Enormous Ears 63
Day 20: The Prize is Worth 66
the Price

Part Three: Pylon People are Perspective People
Day 21: New Mind Skins 70
Day 22: Remember the Result 72
Day 23: Muddy Puddles or 76
Gushy Fountains?
Day 24: The Occupied Throne 79
Day 25: Won 82
Day 26: Famous Last Words 85
Day 27: Rooting and Reaching 88
Day 28: Inside Out 91
Day 29: Big Picture Thinking 94
Day 30: Distance Defied 97

Part Four: Pylon People are Present People
Day 31: Practise Wonder 101
Day 32: See Free 103
Day 33: DJ Your Day 106
Day 34: Can’t Touch This 109
Day 35: Scentsation 112
Day 36: Donut Dive 115
Day 37: Welcome Home 118
Day 38: Perceive Before 121
Day 39: Glory Explosion 124
Day 40: Final Reflections 127

Cath Woolridge was born and lives in deepest darkest Wales. Her early career consisted of various acting jobs; including, a role in the hit series Gavin and Stacey. She was resident actress with Going Public and Lacey Theatre Company. Cath Woolridge is the Director of SOW, Sound of Wales, a collective of musicians, creatives and storytellers based in Wales who love Jesus and above all want to be a part of revealing his glory to the Earth through the sounds of heaven. Pylon People is her first book with Lion Books.

|Lois Seco is a Visual Artist and Designer based in South Wales. She is the artist in residence for interior design company Project One and the Creative Director and Designer for Truth Not Trash apparel. Alongside her Brazilian husband, she runs Julio Creative, a design and print group specializing in vinyl print. Her love and fascination with pylons, longtime friendship with Cath Woolridge, and wild-adventure-relationship with Jesus, all helped her to collaborate with Cath Woolridge on the wonderful book, Pylon People.

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