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Condemned The transformation of a violent gang leader Mark Rowan

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18 May 2007
160 pages: 138 x 216 mm
Monarch Books
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A powerful story of transformation: how a notorious and violent career criminal, constantly in prison or on the run, came to Christ and is now leading hundreds of others to faith in Him. The book cogently conveys the message that you can never sink so low as to be unredeemable by God. It serves as a vivid portrayal of how some criminals are born and others made, and gives insights into prison life and culture. But, above all, it demonstrates that Jesus is able to reach those who we think are unreachable. Today Mark is an associate pastor of an Assemblies of God church in Weston Super Mare, and in the process of setting up a Christian-run drug rehabilitation unit.
A former career criminal, thug and drug addict, Mark Rowan was dramatically converted in prison and is now Associate Pastor of an Assemblies of God church in Weston Super Mare.

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