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Bible World 2 - Settlers, Warriors and Kings Champions of the Bible John Drane

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25 Mar 1994
48 pages: 210 x 280 mm
Bible World
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Joshua. Deborah. Gideon. Samson. David. Solomon. Here are just some of the famous names from the story of the Israelites'' early years in Canaan, from the times of struggle and defeat when they learned to listen to their God to the victorious years when the kingdom was famed for its wealth and wisdom. This ten-volume series uncovers the exciting real-life story of the Bible. Collect all the books in the Bible World series and build a reference library that you will turn to again and again. Get to know the people of the Bible - their land, their history, their lives, their heroes and their beliefs.
Contents 1. Out of Egypt 2. The New Leader 3. The Canaanites 4. Towards Jericho 5. Jericho: The Astonishing Story 6. Making Friends and Defeating Enemies 7. Judges 8. Gideon 9. The Philistines 10. Samson the Strong 11. Ruth 12. Samuel: Last of the Judges 13. Saul: The First King 14. Saul: A Bold Leader 15. David: Shepherd and Giant-Killer 16. David: Warrior and Poet 17. David: A Great King 18. Solomon 19. Solomon Builds a Temple 20. Solomon's Wisdom
John Drane taught practical theology at the universities of Stirling and Aberdeen, and is currently a Fellow of St John’s College, Durham, and an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, California. He is widely known for his best-selling books on the Bible: Introducing the Old Testament and Introducing the New Testament.

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