Martyn Whittock


Martyn Whittock is the author and co-author of forty-seven books (with total sales in excess of 929,000 copies). As well as school history textbooks, these also include trade books aimed at making historical themes accessible to the general reader. His published Lion Books include: Christ the First 2000 Years (written with Esther his younger daughter), When God was King, and The Vikings (written with Hannah, his elder daughter).

Martyn has taught history at secondary level for thirty-five years. He retired in 2016 to concentrate more fully on writing. He has been a consultant for the BBC, English Heritage and the National Trust and has written for historical and archaeological journals. He is an Anglican Lay Minister in Salisbury diocese.


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Martyn and Esther, at Chalke Valley History Festival, where they spoke on Christ: The First 2000 Years.