Howard Worsley


Howard Worsley is the Tutor in Mission at Trinity College in Bristol where he is also the Vice Principal. He is a researcher into children’s spirituality and their early perceptions, a contextual theologian, and an educationalist who publishes regularly for academic journals. He is an author of four books; including: How Not to Totally Put Your Children Off God.

In the summer of 2018, he circumnavigated the UK with a charitable organisation called Navigators of Faith, a sea voyage whose objective was to rediscover the story of the Celts who first brought Christian faith to the British Isles. He is currently writing a book about these adventures in book titled, A Wild Goose Chase. Whenever he can, he spends time outdoors with his family and friends, sailing his Drascombe Coaster off the Scottish coast, paddling his Canadian canoe on inland waterways or hillwalking with a bivvy bag.

You can follow him on Twitter @revdrhoward.