Andrew Boyd


Andrew Boyd is an experienced journalist who has reported extensively around the world. His latest book Neither Bomb nor Bullet tells the inspirational story of Archbishop Ben Kwashi on the frontline of faith in Nigeria. Three times assassins have tried to kill him, but each time it just concentrates the mind. In the words of this warm and courageous man: “If God spares my life, no matter how short or long that is, I have something worth living and dying for. That kind of faith is what I am passing on to the coming generations. This world is not our home, we are strangers here, we’ve got business to do, let’s get on and do it.”

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet has featured on UCB Radio. The programme Talking Point describes the biography of Archbishop Ben Kwashi as ‘inspiring’. Andrew Boyd’s new book has a powerful message for Christians in the UK and US.

UCB presenter Vicky Gibbens got in touch to find out more about the Archbishop who has taken a stand against terrorists and has been targeted for assassination – yet still manages to come back smiling… Listen to Talking Point here.


Neither Bomb Nor Bullet is gathering media coverage and five-star reviews.

The inspirational biography of Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi has been featured in The Times, Church Times, Christian Today, Premier Radio and others.

A charismatic and influential figure, he (Archbishop Kwashi) has called on Christians to resist what he sees as virtual genocide by extremists trying to drive all non-Muslims out of northern Nigeria. He has paid a heavy price.

- Michael Binyon, The Times


- United Christian Broadcasters

Quite simply required reading for the Western Church. Hugely insightful. You will laugh and weep, rejoice and be heartbroken. Some of the scenes wouldn’t be out of place in the book of Acts. Just read it. Highly recommended.

- Netgalley

This book is important, written in short sentences in a fast-moving, easy to read style. Archbishop Ben joins the ranks of other African leaders: Archbishop David Gitari of Kenya who resisted President Arap Moi’s suppression of the secret ballot, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Nelson Mandela of South Africa who combatted apartheid and Bishop Festo Kivengere and previously Archbishop Janani Luwum who opposed Idi Amin in Uganda.

- Chris Sugden, Evangelical Fellowship of the Anglican Communion

The powerful true story of the Archbishop they just couldn't kill… A hard-hitting true story of war, violence, persecution and faith.

- Eden

A wonderful book… a joy to read because of his happy and wise personality… also brings home to the reader the rise of radical Islam.

- Goodreads

Reviewer Jeremy Marshall writes on Amazon:

In troubled times we need the power of God in the lives of men and women sent by Him to inspire and lead us. Such, I have to say, having read his amazing life story, is Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, who is truly on "the front line."

It’s not only a book about the front line of the struggle with Islamic fundamentalism. It's the well-written story of his life… The book in places is very amusing, reading like a mixture at times of Charles Spurgeon and George Muller! Oh, that we had bishops like him in England!

Today he sees England needing many things: youth evangelism, bible literacy, reading the bible for ourselves, strong families and above all prayer and a boldness in being willing to stand up for the gospel. (Read Jeremy Marshall’s full review on Amazon here.)

In Neither Bomb Nor Bullet, Ben Kwashi tells the inspiring story of God at work amid the growing persecution in Nigeria.

His book highlights the upsurge in Islamist attacks against Christians, from Boko Haram and now Fulani militants. And the Archbishop, who is the General Secretary of Gafcon (Global Anglican Future Conference), challenges the Nigerian government to take effective action to protect Christians.

Although there are harrowing moments, Ben Kwashi tells his story with characteristic joy and good humour. He makes a call for overcoming faith and dedication to mission:

‘Life is short. I hope my story will challenge you to live to see God’s kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. To live for Jesus, and, if necessary, to die for Jesus.

‘Life is an adventure! Let us live it to the full!’

Neither Bomb Nor Bullet, by Andrew Boyd, features forewords by Gafcon Chairman Foley Beach and religious freedom campaigner Baroness Cox, as well as Paul Robinson of Release International.