Allen Langham


Allen Langham is a former professional rugby league player, whose life slid into a career of crime, drink, drugs and an association with the criminal underworld. In a prison cell in 2013 he had a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ and became Born Again.

The same streets that Allen terrorised, he now serves, bringing a message of hope to those lost and struggling. He is the father of three children, founder and director of PinkLadies and Steps To Freedom and is a sports chaplain for Sports Chaplaincy UK. In 2014 he won the Most Inspirational Individual at the CVS awards and has been recognised as an individual whose story captivates the hardest of hearts.

Read the first few chapters of Taming of a Villain below:

Allen has done a fantastic live show which you can listen to here:
Watch Allen sharing about his times of homelessness in London:

You can read more about Allen's experiences in his article for Christianity Today.

Check out more of Allen's videos on his YouTube channel here, and you will find regular updates on his Facebook page.

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