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  • 5 Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter with Children

    Most children know that Easter brings chocolate bunnies, fluffy yellow chicks, egg hunts and pink wicker baskets filled with you guessed it — more chocolate, but do they know why we celebrate Easter? And how can you teach your child or grandchild the real message of Easter without giving them a sermon? Here are five creative ways to help teach children the powerful story of Easter and how they can relate to the story at any age.
    by Laura Barry / Tuesday, 07 April 2020
  • Best Books for Lent: Lion Hudson's Transformative Titles

    We've entered the last week of the transformative season of Lent! While many of you will have given up something you love, like that sneaky chocolate bar habit at 3 pm. Lent is so much more than fasting — it provides a wonderful opportunity to step back from pressures of daily life and reflect on your spiritual journey. And what better time to do this than during these uncertain times across the globe? As the days grow brighter and you're spending more time on that couch at home, curl up with one of our delightful reads and make this Lent a time of meaningful reflection and lasting transformation.
    by Laura Barry / Monday, 06 April 2020
  • Best children's Bibles: Lion Hudson's top Bibles for children and young readers

    The Bible is a foundational part of our Christian faith, and encouraging children to read its stories from a young age is an important step in the development in their own faith and understanding. Lion Hudson has published some world-renowned, award-winning Bibles specifically for children and young readers over the years, meaning that this is the perfect place to discover the best Bible for your son, daughter, niece or nephew.
    by Joe Purnell / Wednesday, 04 December 2019
    Blog | Children's Books
  • Women and the Church: New books from Debbie Duncan and more

    Lion Hudson is proud to publish a large collection of books written by women, for women, or about women. Here is a small collection of them, along with Debbie Duncan's new book, Gifted.
    by Joe Purnell / Thursday, 28 November 2019
    Blog | News
  • Paul Trembling on his latest book, Local Legend

    Paul Trembling has worked as a missionary, a crime scene investigator, a seaman, a bookkeeper, and a petrol pump attendant. He's just published his third book with Lion Hudson, Local Legend. He spoke to me about the things that influence his writing and the way he goes about writing a new book.
    by Joe Purnell / Friday, 22 November 2019
    Blog | Author Interviews