18 Mar 2020 When Faith Gets Shaken: Patrick Regan's powerful search for faith

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What do you do when life falls apart and it feels as if God has left you?

How do you keep going when your faith is rocked to the core? For Patrick Regan, there was pain, illness, and loss in his family and community. Then a series of excruciating operations took him to the brink physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Writing When Faith Gets Shaken during his journey of recovery, Patrick explores how we find God in times of suffering.

Here Patrick speaks about what inspired him to write about his journey during his suffering:

"I’ve read many books where people have talked about how amazing it is to come out the other side of suffering and see with hindsight all the wonderful things that God was doing, but I wanted to write while I was still in the process of dealing with the pain. Because the truth is I’m still grappling with these issues. I’m still trying to figure out where God is and what he’s doing. He’s been whispering to me along the way but I’m not always that good at stopping and listening.

I foolishly try to sort things out using my own resources and then get increasingly frustrated when I realize that I don’t have the required strength to do it all on my own.

Life is complex and we are more fragile than we sometimes realize. When I’m in pain, and I see those around me suffering, I sometimes lose sight of God. But when I strip everything back – my past experiences, my frustrations, my fears of being misunderstood – I realize that I need to look again at the person of Jesus. When I see him, I find hope. I remember that he really is willing to get involved in the agonies of our lives and to go through the pain with us. He doesn’t leave us on our own to figure things out and he’s desperate for us to know how much he loves us.

When I remember that I find myself wanting not to abandon ship but to be part of the journey. In the process of that journey, I am slowly learning to let Jesus speak to me about his love for me and for the world. I need to stay as close to him as I can, walking beside him even if I’m walking with the limp of confusion and doubt, because I love him. We have to keep looking to Jesus so that we never walk away from our faith and find ourselves in the heart-breaking position of having to say, “I miss him.'"

When Faith Gets Shaken is available as Paperback and eBook, and you can catch Patrick's inspiring programme on TBN UK here where he interviews people from various walks of life to see how we discover treasure in life’s scars.