Tuesday, 08 September 2020 Traidcraft: Inspiring a Fair Trade Revolution Rooted in Christian Faith

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We're thrilled to publish Joe Osman's insightful book, Traidcraft: Inspiring a Fair Trade Revolution. Written from the passionate perspective of Joe Osman, one of Traidcraft's longest serving members and staunch advocates, Traidcraft seeks to explore the important legacy of Traidcraft from its birth, in 1979, up until its 40th anniversary, in 2019.

A true pioneer in the fair trade movement, Traidcraft has played a major role in changing the landscape of ethical shopping. The book features stories and anecdotes covering Osman's extensive experience of traveling and putting fair trade into practice.

Traidcraft Rooted in Christian Faith

Traidcraft was always an initiative rooted in the Christian faith and those origins are explored in depth, as are the challenges of putting faith into action through a different way of doing business.

Although Traidcraft's mission statement has changed over time, it is Traidcraft's 1980's mission statement underpinned by faith that still resonates with Osman personally.

Traidcraft is a fascinating history of a truly revolutionary company built on the Christian principles of love and justice for all people.

Traidcraft can be purchased as a paperback here and an eBook here.