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Lights, Camera, Action…! Join 3D Freddie and Popcorn Sally as they explore the Bible story, shot through a filmic lens.

The Blockbuster Bible is a new children’s Bible for the visual age, giving a behind-the-scenes look at Bible stories and characters. Each page is filled with stories, from Cain and Abel to the Tower of Babel, from Jesus’ parables to the disciples and Pharisees.

Movie posters, storyboards and acceptance speeches provide the perfect backdrop for a Bible overview and Bible study hybrid.

In this blog post, Andrew Prichard explains his passion for bringing scripture to children in innovative ways, and the importance of sharing the gospel without simplifying or diluting the valuable messages inside.

“I became a Christian aged eleven on a Christian summer camp because of the visual gospel. I remember the chasm between me and God, and saw how the only way across was the cross of Jesus. What has struck me since then is that adults often learn best from those same talks – we need to be careful not to dumb down our teaching but present all the depth of meaning as simply as possible.

Andrew is a first-time author, but he’s had The Blockbuster Bible in the works for a while.

“I wanted to write I wanted to be a film critic but I also knew I wanted to create and not just review. After university I became a teacher and discovered very quickly that there were very few resources for Bible teaching in schools. Things were either aimed at churches and were too devotional, or things were a little too general for teaching the Bible thoroughly in the classroom.

“At Christmas 2010 I decided I would write something, but I didn’t know what, or how long, or for whom, or anything really. Over the coming years I wrote to publishers and others in the field and got nowhere, but I knew this was something I had to do. Money in schools was the key stumbling block, understandably. I felt that if Geography and History books are available then surely something was possible for RS/RE.”

Andrew’s heart for the gospel is shared throughout, with each page holding to scripture and engaging children with Bible messages in new and innovative ways.

“I wanted to write something for children who weren’t ready to open the Bible but were ready for everything in it. I wanted to put the spotlight on God’s word, which is why the pages are smash-full of scripture.

“I wrote The Blockbuster Bible not with my own voice, but with the voice of all those parents who wanted something extra for their children. Every now and then, I’d meet someone who saw a gap around the 7–13 age, and wanted to unpack those ideas in scripture that their children were clearly ready for.”

You can have a peek inside at a few pages below, or purchase the book here.

Coming soon: The Blockbuster Bible: The Teacher's Cut! A supporting resource that helps teachers plan and deliver a thorough overview of the whole Bible.

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