Thursday, 22 August 2019 "Divorce wasn't something that had rocked my world until it happened to me..."

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Ruth Clements, author of Surviving Separation and Divorce

Discovering my then-husband’s infidelity was unfathomable, as was the thought we wouldn’t be together forever. We’d got together young, married young and seemed set for my naive and romanticised idea of Christian life.

I learnt that I believed God was good even when my circumstances weren't. I was fortunate. My fantastic support network - including family and friends from church - took me in, fed me, encouraged and prayed with me, and cried with me on numerous occasions. They also pursued meeting my ex-husband, offering forgiveness and an open door every step of the way.

Personally, I felt I had to give my marriage my all, that was what I’d committed to on my wedding day. I ‘prayed without ceasing’, refusing to let God go until He blessed me.

Sometimes I begged for reconciliation and sometimes just for a resolution. I clung to God knowing man could let me down but God wouldn’t. After a year and a half of separation and doing all I could to reconcile, I felt God gently tell me ‘that’s enough now’ and release me from my commitment through the hardness of heart of my ex-husband. It was an exhausting time, yet never have I felt closer to God and more in tune with his voice. I miss that now - even though I’m a lot happier these days. It’s something I want to rediscover, albeit without the trauma!

Surviving Separation and Divorce sprung out of a desire that no one else feel as clueless as I felt then, being thrust into those circumstances. It is full of stories about others, with questions, ideas and strategies for the reader to explore as they navigate their way through this unexpected life event. It’s not written exclusively for Christians, although my faith played a huge part in my separation, choosing to lose control and trust God with the outcome, whatever that may be. As the Matt Redman song says that resonated so deeply with me at that time: 'Never once did we ever walk alone, never once did you leave us on our own, you are faithful God, you are faithful.’ My husband may have left, but God never did, never has, and never will.

Ruth Clement's new book, Surviving Separation and Divorce, explores the hardship of broken relationships whilst pointing to the restoration God offers. You can find out more about Ruth by following her on Twitter @RuthClements86, or by reading her author profile.