Thursday, 07 November 2019 Remembrance Day 2019: Christian books to help us remember

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This Remembrance Sunday people across the UK and further afield stop to remember those who have given their lives in conflicts past and present.

Last year was the 100th anniversary of Armistice. Even a century on it remains important to look back and be grateful for the servicemen and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Over the years Lion Hudson has published some incredible books following personal stories and larger movements surrounding the Great War and others. From WW1 to Afghanistan, everyone has been affected by conflict in one way or another. Take a look at the books below to discover some of the amazing stories from over the past century, and learn how looking back can help change the way we live today.

The Rations Challenge by Claud Fullwood

Claud Fullwood set herself the challenge of living on World War Two rations for forty days. It opened her eyes not only to issues of hunger and waste, but also to the many ways in which we have the power to fix our groaning food system, make our families stronger and our communities whole again. She took many of these lessons from the experiences of those during wartime Britain.

We interviewed Claud about the reason she has such a respect for those who lived in wartime Britain.

"By 1943 almost nothing was getting through to the UK from outside. We were totally reliant on our own food supply. And yet we survived a six year war, when the Nazis had thought we would be starved out in six months. And it was ordinary people who made this happen! Land girls, the Women’s Institute, pig clubs and digging for victory. I’m not so naive that I think it’s the shiny, happy affair of the propaganda posters, but talking to people who lived through rations, and also just seeing the evidence of how we survived - I knew there was a goldmine of lessons worth learning from that period."

God's Spies by Elisabeth Braw

When the Berlin Wall came down the files of the East German secret police, the much-dreaded Stasi, were opened and read. Among the shocking stories revealed was that of the Stasi's infiltration of the Church. Almost 10% of the Lutheran Church's workforce were, it appears, busy involved in spying on each other, and on the Church's congregations. The Lutheran Church was the only semi-free space in East Germany, where those who rebelled against the regime could find a way of living at least a little out of the government's iron grip. Even the organisations that smuggled Bibles were infiltrated.

Elisabeth Braw builds on years of journalistic experience to uncover the people and stories behind the East German Church.

You can read more here.

I Married a Soldier by Brenda Hale

I Married a Soldier tells the deeply moving, true story of Brenda Hale whose husband, Mark, was taken from her in an instant while serving in Afghanistan. In the midst of the grief, distress, and financial confusion caused by Mark's death, Brenda became determined to fight for the rights of her two daughters and their futures. Her campaigning to support bereaved forces families eventually led her into politics, where she rose to be a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

This is the powerful story of how one woman found a way through an event that threatened to crush her, by drawing on her faith in God and on a personal strength she didn't know she had.

You can read more about the author in our article following her OBE here.

Edward Hicks: Pacifist Bishop at War by G.R. Evans

This is the story of outspoken pacifist bishop Edward Hicks. Edward Hicks, Bishop of Lincoln, was already regarded a maverick for his stance on the education of women, teetotalism, social justice, and votes for everyone. He came from a different class to that of most bishops. When war came, he was a rare dissenting voice amidst the Church's vocal support for its morality.

Acclaimed author G. R. Evans draws upon Hicks's detailed diaries to reveal Edward Hicks as a man battling with his own conscience and principles, not least at seeing his sons go off to fight - one never to return. This is a fascinating glimpse into the impact the War had on an individual and those around him who waited at home - and tried to hold onto their humanity.

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