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Pop-up books are often children's favourites. They encourage engagement, exploration and action – all things vital to a child’s enjoyment of a book from a young age.

Beyond simply being a fun way to present a story, pop-up children’s books have some key benefits for a child’s development.

They've been around for hundreds of years, with artisans, engineers and authors experimenting with the mechanics of 3D books to get them perfect for children today. We've built on their hardwork over the centuries to create some gorgeous books with incredible messages and stories that really come to life.

Repetition is key, repetition is key

Children often want to read pop-up books over and over again. Every adult groans internally at being asked to read the same book for the tenth time, but repetition is a good thing!

Rereading the same book several times will strengthen their vocabulary and allow you to ask questions about the story and images.

Pop-up books are entertaining, so they’re bound to be read lots of times. This means they’re also the perfect vehicle for positive messages and biblical themes. Whether it’s a pop-up of the creation story, the lost lamb or the nativity, pop-ups are bound to make an impact.

Amazing Bible Stories and Fantastic Bible Stories are the newest additions to the Bible Story-Pops series

Pop-ups are interactive storytellers

Pop-up books are some of the most interactive, engaging books available for young children. They can be seen from all angles, with new aspects being discovered each time the book is read. There's even MIT research into the value of pop-up books as marvels of engineering and story-telling, so they're worth trying out!

Sharing bible stories through a pop-up book is a great way to engage even reluctant readers with Christian themes and messages from a young age. Seeing Noah’s Ark explode into life from the page is a sure-fire way to entertain and engage children with the story behind it.

Lion Hudson has some great pop-up books available which are perfect to engage young or reluctant readers with Christian messages as well as demonstrating how entertaining reading can be! You can explore all Lion Hudson pop-up children's books here.

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