Wednesday, 05 June 2019 Empathy Day 2019: Our top picks for empathy–boosting books!

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June 11th is Empathy Day - a day to celebrate the importance of empathy among children through stories and book characters! Empathy is a powerful tool that helps children navigate their world with kindness, something which we hope to encourage through the reading of beautifully illustrated, engaging picture books.

You can find out more about Empathy Day and EmpathyLab here - there are lots of resources and recommendations on their website.

To join in with the festivities, here are a few of our favourite empathy-boosting picture books that are perfect to help children build these all-important empathy skills.

Just Like You is all about getting to know new friends, overcoming differences and learning to celebrate each other's unique quirks. Join Miki the Meerkat as he gets to know a new friend, learning to empathise along the way!

You can read an interview with Just Like You and Legs author Sarah J. Dodd by clicking here. Sarah talks about the importance of differences and the value of friendship.

Hogs Hate Hugs is another absolute must-read for young children. Join Little Hog as he learns to show love to his closest friends and family!

With adorable and lively illustrations packed with character, Tiziana Bendall-Brunello's book is fantastic for parents and children to share together, emphasising the importance of love and affection with those closest to you.

Claire Shorrock's book Magnus is another great children's book to take a look at. The sweet and appealing illustrations and loveable "outsider" main character helps young readers to understand the importance of determination and accepting each other's differences.

There are plenty of other books to browse through that showcase the importance of empathy to children of all ages. As EmpathyLab says: "Empathy is a skill we can learn!"