11 May 2020 Our Best Books on Marriage Every Couple Should Read


Today is the first day of Marriage Week and the publication of Harry Benson's brand new book, Commit or Quit:The 'Two Year Rule' and other Rules for Romance!

Harry Benson, Research Director of Marriage Foundation, is one of Britain’s leading champions for marriage and we're thrilled to publish Commit or Quit, a pioneering book on marriage that lays out some simple and radical rules for romance.

Commit or Quit has won the distinction of inspiring this year's Marriage Week's theme: 'The Forever Conversation.'

"This year’s theme is an invitation to reflect on your relationship, to take stock, to ask where it’s going and what the future might look like whether you’re married or in a relationship. And if you’re single and aspire to a forever relationship, we invite you to join the conversation."

Interested in learning more about Marriage Week and joining the conversation? Take a look at the Marriage Foundation's website here.

To celebrate the publication of Commit or Quit and Marriage Week, we've compiled our best books on marriage every couple should read.

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Commit Or Quit

The 'Two Year Rule' and other Rules for Romance

Harry Benson

Accepting that cohabitation is here to stay, Harry Benson looks at how commitment works and challenges the widespread presumption that early cohabitation is risk-free. He lays out some simple but radical 'rules for romance' that will help couples find the reliable love they seek. By choosing well, by going slow, and by having a clear time limit - a 'two year rule' - friends, family and society can encourage their loved ones to end an unpromising relationship and start afresh.

What Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know)

Harry Benson, Kate Benson

In this ground-breaking book, Harry and Kate tell their own inspiring, hope-filled story, set within the wider context of family research into what works to make a marriage successful.

Modern research suggests a happy mother tends to mean happy children. Yet for most mothers, the success of a marriage depends primarily on the husband's ability to make his wife feel valued. In other words: husband, love your wife. And she will love you right back. That's the recipe for happy family life.

The Power of Presence

A love story

Neil T Anderson

Neil Anderson has travelled the world, speaking and teaching, and has written many books. At his side, at his back, has been his wife Joanne: they have been together for over 50 years. Now Joanne is gripped by a long decline, sinking gradually into agitated dementia. In this heartbreaking book, Neil becomes keenly aware that God is using Joanne's illness to teach him the power of presence and the inexplicable peace that comes with that presence.

Let's Stick Together

The relationship book for new parents

Harry Benson

Are you a new parent, or about to become one? Learn three simple habits that research shows make or break new mums and dads. Illustrated with real-life examples from Harry's own back-from-the-brink marriage and those of other couples, Let's Stick Together highlights simple principles that will make your relationship the best it can be and ensure you don't become just another statistic.

Conflict in Relationships

Understand it, overcome it: at home, at work, at play

Sara Savage, Eolene Boyd-MacMilla

Are you sick and tired of conflict? Looking at the different factors that influence how we relate to other people, psychologists Sara Savage and Eolene Boyd-MacMillan draw on years of research to explain the factors at play in conflict, and how to overcome them. Complete with self-assessment quizzes, this book will guide you to greater self-awareness and equip you with the tools to tackle conflict effectively.

You Can't Play the Game if You Don't Know the Rules

How Relationships Work

Irene Alexander PhD

Dr Irene Alexander explores what makes relationships work, covering everything from boundaries to sex. The essence is learning how to relate openly and effectively. When you achieve this, even conflict can be constructive and relationships will take on new depth and satisfying fullness.

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