13 Oct 2020 New November Reads!

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It hard to believe we're already in the second week of November and lockdown 2.0 is in full swing. Bookshops may be closed but we have a fantastic selection of new books that are sure to entertain and bring you some much needed joy this November.

For those of you looking for a book that can help you through these strange and turbulent times and come out with a stronger understanding of yourself and find a greater meaning in the world around you, we can't get enough of Reflect with Sheridan - out now! Watch Sheridan's video on why you shouldn't be ruled by your fears and read our Reflect with Sheridan blog post here.

Cath Woolridge's beautifully illustrated and unique devotional, Pylon People, directly addresses our powered-up days and powerless days. Come and join the Pylon Pilgrimage by connecting and moving forward in the next 40 days.

Get yourself a lovely cup of tea and get browsing our brilliant new titles!

New Books for Children:

The Last Dragon Rider

Luke Aylen

'Narnia but with lots more dragons!' Julia Golding, award-winning children's author

Enter Presadia one more time to experience a third dazzling adventure. Street-smart Anavah lives a tough life on the crime-ridden streets of northern Presadia, but when a mysterious tinker gives her a curious set of crystal goggles, she discovers a powerful magic that will change her life forever. Drawn into an adventure that stretches across time and space, she learns about the legendary dragon riders and is caught up in events that will transform Presadia’s history. But what part will Anavah play and her inability to trust may have devastating consequences…

New Books for Adults:

Reflect with Sheridan

Sheridan Voysey

Author and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey draws on both personal experience and Christian faith to explore the greater meaning to be found in the world around us. Reflecting on the themes of Joy, Wonder, Meaning, Belonging, Compassion, Callings, Seasons, Change, and Hope, this uplifting, thoughtful, and affirming gift book will inspire readers of all ages and life stages. Beautifully designed throughout, this book will help you create a pause in your day, whether in the quiet early hours, as the night falls, or somewhere in between— a moment to stop and reflect on the things that matter.

Read our blog post on Reflect with Sheridan here.

Pylon People

Cath Woolridge

“I found this book to be beautifully expressed in artwork as well as Scripture and if you are looking for someone to help take you on a journey of growth, this book will not disappoint.” Christy Wimber

Pylon People is a beautifully illustrated and unique devotional that directly addresses our powered-up days and powerless days, our seasons of sunshine and of rain. Woolridge shares her vision of us as "Pylon People," standing with our arms outstretched to receive and share the power of God’s Spirit. A brilliant collection of empowering poems, images and Bible reflections. Come and join the Pylon Pilgrimage by connecting and moving forward in the next 40 days.

What Good is God?

Crises, Faith, and Resilience

Roger Abbott, Robert White FRS

In a world where natural disasters are increasingly impacting our lives, this insightful book brings together a variety of voices to discuss how we can respond practically and faithfully to such tragedies.

Consciously making room for the perspectives of survivors, responders, and academics, it provides a multi-layered and compassionate examination of a difficult and often underexplored subject. As we try to make sense of a seemingly chaotic world that features earthquakes, tsunamis, and pandemics, readers will find this unique conversation a truly ispiring resource for thought, prayer, and action.

The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson

Lauren H. Brandenburg

ACFW Award Winning Author for Best Contemporary Fiction
'I was completely charmed by The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson. What a marvelous sequel to The Death of Mungo Blackwell. Lauren is a refreshing, talented storyteller. She's an author I've added to my favorites list.' Rachel Hauck, NYTimes Bestselling Author

Roy and Margarette are back and engaged! But can their relationship withstand both family's deep-rooted animosity towards one another and what does the mysterious marriage of Innis Wilkinson and a murder have to do with them? Join Roy and Margarette on another wonderful adventure as they learn more than they could have imagined about love, family, and finding a place in the world. Heart-warming and charming, The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson will inspire joy and laughter.

The Art Fiasco

Fiona Veitch Smith

"Poppy Denby's back doing what she does best, and this time in Newcastle! Cleverly plotted as always, with an exceptional eye for detail and a fabulous amateur sleuth, Veitch Smith carries us back once more to the Golden Age for this delicious murder mystery." Jacky Collins (Dr Noir)

A new book in the Poppy Denby Investigates series! Join Poppy once more as she investigates the tragic death of a young art teacher in Ashington Colliery, twenty-seven years earlier, and the scary fact the killer might still be on the loose...

Blood Brothers

Les Cowan

"Cowan spins an engrossing, suspenseful yarn in which spiritual themes are noticeably more prominent than in a regular thriller." The Herald

Newly married, David Hidalgo is reconnecting with his friends and congregation but something’s wrong. The sons of downstairs neighbours Ali and Ayeesha are missing, and it looks as though they’re planning a terror act in Spain. To make matters worse, their daughter, Samira, has a Christian boyfriend and now wants to convert.

Once again, David Hidalgo finds himself in the middle of an unexpected crisis. Can he help a confused girl, unsure of her identity? Can he find the boys and prevent a tragedy?