28 Nov 2018 Lion Graphic Bible celebrates 20th anniversary!

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Lion Hudson is thrilled to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of The Lion Graphic Bible. It's been an amazing 20 years — with over 1,000,000 sales in over 30 countries!"Quite the most visually astonishing book. The Bible is perfect material for graphic novels. Highly recommended."

The Lion Graphic Bible covers the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible is a unique narrative of origins and cosmic powers, of the ageless battle between good and evil, and of human potential and human treachery — the very stuff that graphic novels are made of.

The Lion Graphic Bible captures all of this in a stunning work of artistic genius by illustrator Jeff Anderson and Doctor Who audio adventures writer Mike Maddox. Preteens can enjoy a Bible that's both beautifully illustrated and fun to read!

Here we chat with Ed Chatelier, Head of Edge Group, who worked with Lion Hudson to assemble The Dream Team who worked together to create The Lion Graphic Bible.

Who made up The Lion Graphic Bible's Dream Team?

The Lion Graphic Bible was a work of love, faith and great teamwork. Lion Hudson worked with Edge Group to assemble The Dream Team who worked together planning, writing, and illustrating this stunning graphic adaptation over five years. Jeff Anderson, Mike Maddox, Steve Harrison and Jonathan Roberts made up The Dream Team.

Jeff Anderson is a leading graphic novel artist, best known for his work on the Judge Dredd and Transformers stories. Readers of Comic World voted him runner-up in the best artist category for his Legends of Larian books. He lives with his wife and five children in Durham, England, and is a licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England.

Mike Maddox is a freelance writer. Mike has written six Doctor Who audio adventures and won a New York Radio Award for his play "Mayflies,” which starred Derek Jacobi and Jason Isaacs. Married with two children, Mike is currently preparing for life as a vicar’s spouse. He thought the Graphic Bible might take six months. He still finds this funny.

Steve Harrison was in charge of the lettering.

Jonathan Roberts, Lion Hudson's in-house Designer, was in charge of designing the book.

Jeff, Mike, Steve and Jonahan worked as a fantastic team to bring to life "...the astonishing tales of the Old Testament and captivating story of the life of Jesus." (DIAMOND COMICS).

What awards did The Lion Graphic Bible win and how long did it take to create the book?

It took 5 years to create The Lion Graphic Bible, and 1998 saw it's big debut.

In the following years, sales grew and The Lion Graphic Bible won the prestigious BD Angouleme 2000 award, and with the launch of the paperback version, sales continued to increase and more children were able to enjoy The Lion Graphic Bible.

The Lion Graphic Bible continues to be a much loved classic, and if your child or student enjoyed this wonderful title, they can read The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible — found here.

And we can't wait for the publication of The Lion Kids Bible Comic — out this March! It's sure to be a big hit.

Enjoy reading The Lion Graphic Bible! Buy your copy here.