Thursday, 15 August 2019 Dr. Klaus⁠–Dieter John has devoted his life to building a modern hospital in Peru

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Dr. Klaus-Dieter John and his wife, Martina, have worked tirelessly to bring hope to rural Peruvians. He has raised huge amounts of money and awareness for the issue of poor healthcare in Southern Peru, and has used this to build a modern hospital for locals. The hospital, called Diospi Suyana – or ‘Trust in God’ - has served hundreds of thousands of people in the Apurímac region. He shares the journey in his new book, God Has Seen Us.

"Medical care for the Quechuas was horrible beyond description. Travel to one of the distant towns with better medical facilities was unaffordable for most. Sickness and death loomed over them like a dense, inescapable fog... I wanted to build a hospital for these people."

- Klaus interviewed for

Diospi Suyana aims to offer modern healthcare to some of the 750,000 Quechua people in the area, with Klaus-Dieter John being inspired to start work there after visiting in the 90s. He and his wife, Martina, saw the lack of medical services Peruvian-Indians faced and felt drawn by faith to change this. With a poverty rate of nearly 80% the region remains in dire need of investment, medical support and hope. Research into the healthcare on offer to indigenous peoples in the area reveals that hospitals like Diospi Suyana are vital.

"My wife and I want to be there till we die. It never occurs to us to go back to Europe."

- Klaus' interview with the Church Times

Using their extensive medical experience and incredible faith they have each devoted their lives to supporting the poorest of the poor, whilst working hard to increase global awareness of the need for funds. Klaus is currently touring Australia, sharing the vision of Diospi Suyana and raising awareness, funds and support for the work being done there.

Klaus and Martina have been in the news around the world, making an impact on lives in Peru and further afield. Alongside the hospital they have also set up a school on the site, providing a quality education to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

"Since we have such confidence in the life to come, we think that every effort for the downtrodden in this world makes an everlasting difference."

- An extract from the Diospi Suyana website.

You can read more about Dr. John's work and the incredible story of devotion, love and sacrifice in his new book, God Has Seen Us. This follows on from his first book, I Have Seen God, which described his vision to provide quality medical care to the marginalised Quechua people.