09 Nov 2018 Dream Chasers: The Journey of Nine Ordinary People Who Became Extraordinary

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Lion Books author Uta Schmidt is an international speaker, writer and trainer. She is the creator of the Dream Chasers Approach — a leadership training and mentoring program that equips individuals to connect with their true identity so they are released to walk out their God-given dreams.

Lion Books is thrilled to publish her new inspiring book, Dream Chasers: The Journey of Nine Ordinary People Who Became Extraordinaryout now.

Below Uta Scmidt talks about what inspired her to write Dream Chasers and what the book sets out to achieve.

Uta Schmidt has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life and helped them achieve their destiny and live their dreams. She believes that everyone has a destiny, but not everybody fulfills it. Every single person has greatness in them, but not everyone displays it. Why is this? There are many reasons, but according to a study from Fuller Theological Seminar on destiny, one of the predominant reasons is people do not understand the maturing process God takes them through on their way to their destiny

Dream Chasers follows the lives of nine ordinary people, who overcame great hardship in order to follow their God-Given dreams. In doing so, they became extraordinary. Through exclusive interviews with these leaders, Uta Schmidt uncovered that in chasing their dreams they do not avoid life's disappointments and hardships. They endure suffering and experience crises of faith, but ultimately they find a way through. And we can all do the same on the way to our God-given dreams. Through their inspiring stories you you will gain insights into the process of becoming who God called you to be, and you will grow in determination to follow your dreams straight through the fire of transformation.

A fascinating and inspirational read! Buy your copy here.

Want to find more about Uta Schmidt and her Dream Chasers Approach? Check out her wonderful website here.