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Being a Christian publisher is a wonderful blessing. We get to work with lots of inspirational people doing lots of wonderful things. But most of all, it’s great that we’re all bound together with a common purpose; serving God.The annual Christian Resources Together (CRT) retreat is a particularly enjoyable time where all the organisations involved in creating, supplying and selling various christian resources come together to meet, renew friendships, be challenged and encourage each other. It’s also a time to recognise achievements and celebrate together. The peculiarity of our trade is that we can really celebrate the successes of our partners (who, in any other context, would be considered competitors!), because of our unity in Christ.

Book Signings

CRT is an opportunity for us to present some of our authors to the wholesalers and bookshops from around the country. It allows the retailers to really understand the story and people behind the books they're selling, and to discover new promotion opportunities.

This year we supported Allen Langham – whose story Taming of a Villain documents his journey from the depths of depression and crime to salvation.

Kat Seney-Williams also joined us. Her book on Surviving and Thriving on the Single-Parent Journey provides grounded, practical advice to help parents navigate what can be an extremely difficult time of life.

We were also joined by Jo Cundy to help promote her book Travelling Solo. You can find out more about this below...


CRT is also and opportunity to honour various people in the trade with awards. It’s quite a light-hearted event, and the purpose is really to encourage each other in the good work that individuals and companies are doing. The awards range from recognising small Christian bookshops persevering in difficult trading conditions, to recognising the most helpful sales representatives.

Of particular interest to Lion Hudson was the Woman Alive Reader’s Choice Award. There were some fantastic titles in the shortlist, but the winner was Travelling Solo by Jo Cundy (Monarch). The book explores how Jo found a different way of life after her husband, Bishop Ian Cundy, died from cancer. It’s an encouragement to welcome life’s new experiences and opportunities with hope and faith.

There was also a lifetime achievement award for Lion Hudson author and storyteller Bob Hartman.

Bob’s contribution to children’s books as been phenomenal, and his particular passion for storytelling has brought us classic books like The Lion Storyteller Bible, which is still going strong over a decade later! More recently he has brought us titles like Beautiful Baby and Brilliant Baby. These again showcase Bob's skill at conveying the great Bible truth of God’s love, even to the very young.

Bob, thank you for everything!

CRT reminds us that at Lion Hudson we are part of a much larger network of partners, creators and businesses all seeking to promote the Good News to a huge audience. Christian books play an important role in many people’s lives and its great to be able to recognise that with friends from across the industry.

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