Monday, 06 April 2020 Best Books for Lent: Lion Hudson's Transformative Titles


We've entered the last week of the transformative season of Lent! While many of you will have given up something you love, like that sneaky chocolate bar habit at 3 pm. Lent is so much more than fasting — it provides a wonderful opportunity to step back from pressures of daily life and reflect on your spiritual journey. And what better time to do this than during these uncertain times across the globe?

We've compiled an engaging selection our best books for Lent for every stage of your spiritual transformation, from Ash Wednesday, to Easter and beyond. And if you're looking for beautiful daily devotionals, check out our inspirational daily devotionals here.

As the days grow brighter and you're spending more time on that couch at home, curl up with one of our delightful reads and make this Lent a time of meaningful reflection and lasting transformation.

Happy browsing!

Discover our best Lent books

The Rations Challenge

Claud Fullwood

In a society rethinking our relationship with food, Claud Fullwood presents a challenge from the past in The Rations Challenge. Claud set herself the challenge of living on World War Two rations for Lent. It opened her eyes not only to issues of hunger and waste, but also to the many ways in which we have the power to fix our groaning food system, make our families stronger and our communities whole again.

Through a creative and insightful approach, Fullwood takes the wisdom of World War Two and looks at how it can help us revolutionise how we live now, whilst building a future that works for everyone.

40 Days with Jesus

Malcolm Duncan

A little book of daily devotional readings introducing the life of Jesus Christ and helping readers to connect with him in a deeper way. A short, thoughtful prayer accompanies each section.

'My hope is that as you read, you'll discover, or will remember, just how central Jesus is to Christianity,' says Malcolm Duncan. 'Jesus didn't come to establish a religion, he came to change lives and to deal with the barriers that exist between God and us...May you meet Jesus in a way that will change your life forever.'

Love So Amazing

Pam Rhodes

Pam Rhodes is well known for her love of great hymns. In Love So Amazing, Pam reflects on forty of her favourite hymns whilst drawing on her experience of presenting Songs of Praise.

"Hymns are prayers in our pockets", writes Pam Rhodes, expressing how hymns help us to respond to God. Pam shares the stories of hymn writers past and present and helps us find hope and inspiration in their powerful words.

Then Sings My Soul

Pam Rhodes

Following on from Love So Amazing comes another beautifully presented book featuring the stories and messages of forty of Pam Rhodes' favourite hymns.

With her warm personal touch, Pam describes how these hymns came to be written, and considers the perceptions they contain. This book is a treasury of fascinating detail, but it is also a source of devotion: as you consider each hymn and the story behind it you will be drawn into worship. Each reflection concludes with a short prayer.

God Moments

Jennifer Rees Larcombe

A beautiful little book of 40 brief meditations, designed to celebrate the 'God moments' that populate every day: waking after a good night's rest; a touch from a friend; a phrase of exquisite music. Jennifer Rees Larcombe blends observation and skill in these delightful uplifting reflections, each accompanies with a prayer.

God Moments for Busy People

Jennifer Rees Larcombe

A small and beautiful book that will allow even the busiest of people to find respite, to reflect, to be encouraged, and lead into the presence of God. Beautifully illustrated throughout with 30 brief meditations for busy people.

God Moments for Dark Days

Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Leading spiritual writer, Jennifer Rees Larcombe, is back with another beautifully illustrated book of 40 short meditations for those dark days. Each starts from a point of difficulty - weakness, betrayal, frustration, shame - and provides succinct paragraphs bringing the situation into the context of the Almighty.