Friday, 19 July 2019 Beautiful new children's books from Antonia Woodward

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Are you looking for an ideal picture book to share with young children? Then look no further than two wonderful new Bible retellings by the illustrator and author Antonia Woodward.

Noah and the Great Big Boat and The Not-So-Very Lost Lamb each take a classic Bible story and retell it alongside beautiful illustrations that both children and parents will love.

The Not-So-Very Lost Lamb is a delightful picture book retelling the parable of the lost sheep. Follow the little lamb as it wanders off unaware of how far from home it goes. Join in the joy and relief when the little lamb hears the sound of the Shepherd's voice, who has come to find it.

Noah and the Great Big Boat focusses on the story of Noah, who is told by God to build a great ark to keep animals safe during the great flood. Imagine Noah's excitement when the big boat comes to rest and the animals can once more roam the earth.

Antonia Woodward has been illustrating since she was little. She started off by making miniature books when she was young and now has several children's book published. Find out more about her on her author profile, or check out her other Lion Hudson titles below!

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