28 Nov 2018 All our best Children's Books unwrapped for Christmas


Are you seeking the perfect Christmas gift for your grandchild, young son or daughter, or baby? Look no further! We've compiled a fabulous selection of new books and Christmas classics for children of every age.

These delightful gifts are sure to bring a smile to the little faces you love this Christmas.

Happy browsing!

For 0-2 years

Baby’s Special Bible

NEW for this year, this stunningly illustrated Bible is perfect for reading aloud to babies, providing a treasured shared experience.

Buy Baby's Special Bible here!

Tiny Tots Christmas

A jolly and colourful introduction to the story of the Nativity to share with very young children in the popular Tiny Tots Bible range.

Buy Tiny Tots Christmas here!

For 3+ years

The Extra Special Baby: The Story of the Christmas Promise

NEW in paperback, this exquisitely illustrated Christmas picture book warmly retells the birth of Jesus, an extra special baby that would change life on earth forever.

Buy The Extra Special Baby here!

Jenny, the Shy Angel: A Christmas Story
NEW! This is a perfect story gift for young children who find the noise and bustle of Christmas overwhelming. On Christmas night, Jenny discovers that being shy doesn’t matter because silent moments are special too. Read our interview with author Anne Booth here.

Buy Jenny, the Shy Angel here!

For 5+ years

A Pirate Christmas: The Nativity Story

A NEW fun, lively story combining pirates, parties and the retelling of the Christmas story! Discover a different kind of treasure. Read our interview with author Suzy Senior here.

Buy A Pirate Christmas here!

On That Christmas Night

NEW out in paperback, this beautiful intriguing unique style of Alison Jay’s illustrations, bursting with details, accompanies a sincere retelling of the Nativity.

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For 7+ years

The Jesse Tree

A NEW reissue of a classic compelling story weaves in the Bible stories behind the medieval tradition of carving a Jesse Tree, symbolically recreating the genealogy of the people leading to Jesus’ birth.

Buy The Jesse Tree here!

The Lion Classic Christmas Stories

A treasured gift evoking the true spirit of Christmas! This beautifully presented volume of classic Christmas stories from around the world includes the Nativity stories in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, Papa Panov, and The Nutcracker.

Buy The Lion Classic Christmas Stories here!

Activity books

Christmas Activity Fun

An ideal stocking filler! A fun, bumper activity book packed with puzzles for active, playful minds.

Buy Christmas Activity Fun here!

The Lion Nativity Colouring Book

While away the Christmas holidays creating a stunning masterpiece by adding colour to the story of Christmas scene by scene.

Buy The Lion Nativity Colouring Book here!

With such a wonderful and diverse collection of children's titles, it's been a challenge to select just a few of our favourites to share with you today. Looking for more inspiration? You can browse our entire Lion Children's list here and our Candle Books list here.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!